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9/9/2015  Sapphire Wafer Carriers Assure Consistent Part-To-Part Uniformity 
Custom fabricated sapphire wafer carriers that feature uniform thickness and parallelism and are highly durable for thinning semiconductors are available from Meller Optics, Inc. of Providence, Rhode Island.

Meller Sapphire Wafer Carriers feature Moh 9 hardness, which is second only to diamond, allowing them to be produced as thin as 0.018” with 1.2 micron uniform thickness and 10 arc-sec. parallelism. Custom perforated with hole patterns to fit vacuum hold-down or delamination fixtures, they facilitate semiconductor thinning to assure consistent part-to-part uniformity.

Ideally suited for thinning GaAs and other semiconductor materials, Meller Sapphire Wafer Carriers are available in 2” to 6” dia. sizes and can be supplied with reference flats and laser markings. Capable of withstanding repeated use, these sapphire wafer carriers are hard, strong, chip- and scratch-resistant, and are impervious to solvents and etchants.

Meller Sapphire Wafer Carriers are priced according to size, configuration, and quantity; with 4 to 6 week delivery. Pricing is available upon request.
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