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5/16/2012  Sapphire Windows Protect Sensors on Aircraft 
Custom fabricated sapphire windows for installation on the outboard of aircraft to protect sensors from water, wind, and high speed particulates are being introduced by Meller Optics, Inc. of Providence, Rhode Island.

Meller Sapphire Windows feature transmission from the UV to IR (270 nm to 4.7 microns) and can be fabricated in virtually any mounting configuration, including the appropriate bevels and mounting surfaces. Clear as glass and exhibiting Moh 9 hardness, which is second only to diamond, these windows protect sensing devices from water, wind, and high speed particulates.

Produced in sizes up to 10 dia., depending on the diameter to thickness aspect ratio, Meller Sapphire Windows provide flatness to 1/10th wave in the visible and < 2 arc sec. in./in. parallelism with finishes from 60-40 to 40-20 scratch-dig, depending upon size and construction. Sapphire domes are also offered as front surface protection in military applications.

Meller Sapphire Windows are priced according to configuration and quantity. Literature and price quotations are available upon request.
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