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2/2/2009  Alumina Polishing Abrasives Produce Superior Surface Finishes 
A line of high purity calcined alumina optics polishing abrasives that come in two grades for grinding, lapping, and finishing a wide variety of substrates is available from Meller Optics, Inc. of Providence, Rhode Island.

Meller Microlux Alumina Abrasives are offered in two grades and are ideal for grinding, lapping, and polishing a variety of optical substrates such as barium- or calcium fluoride, germanium, silicon, zinc selenide, zinc sulfide, and stainless steel. Supplied as powder in seven particle sizes from 0.05 to 3.0 Ám, they can produce 10-5 scratch-dig surface finishes.

Designed for mixing with de-ionized water, Meller Microlux Alumina Abrasives include Microlux-R for aggressive grinding and lapping, which is 99.98% pure, and has large agglomerated particles that break down under pressure for final polishing, and Microlux-RZ which is 99.99% pure and has controlled particle sizes (deagglomerated) for fine grinding and uniform polishing.

Meller Microlux Alumina Abrasives are priced depending upon grade, particle size, and quantity. Free samples and pricing are available upon request.
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