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1/2/2009  Optical Domes Provide a Clear Protective Cover 
Optical domes that can now be made from sapphire and spinel in large sizes for protecting all types of sensitive devices in harsh environments are being introduced by Meller Optics, Inc. of Providence, Rhode Island.

Meller Optical Domes have long been available in sapphire which exhibits Moh 9 hardness (second only to diamond) in sizes up to 4 O.D. and are now offered in spinel up to 8 O.D. which exhibits Moh 8 hardness. Providing a clear protective cover for protecting electronic sensors and detectors, these domes are capable of withstanding moving sand, dirt and water.

Featuring 160 degree maximum included angles to protect and extend the viewing angles of missile guidance systems, cameras, telescopes and such, Meller Optical Domes can transmit from the UV to IR and provide up to 85% transmission uncoated and <0.25% reflectance per surface with A/R coatings. Custom engineered, they can incorporate precise edge steps and profiles.

Meller Optical Domes are priced from $350.00 each, depending upon material, size and configuration. Price quotations are available upon request.
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