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5/23/2008  Sapphire Laser Optics Custom Shapes and Sizes Offered 
Sapphire optics that can be fabricated to precise specifications for medical lasers, blood gas monitors, and other instruments requiring highly durable optics are available from Meller Optics, Inc. of Providence, Rhode Island.

Meller Custom Sapphire Optics are ideal for ER:YAG, HO:YAG, and Alexandrite lasers, blood gas monitors, centrifuges, ventilation and oximeter systems, and related instruments. Fabricated to specification as plano-convex and -concave lenses, tubes, balls, domes, and rectangular- or square windows, they can incorporate wedges, mounting holes, steps and other features.

Capable of transmitting from the UV through 4.7 Ám, Meller Custom Sapphire Optics transmit up to 85% uncoated and can be coated to enhance transmission up to >99%, depending upon thickness. Extremely durable and chemically inert, these sapphire optics feature Moh 9 hardness, flatness to 1/10th wave, parallelism to 2 arc-sec., and surface finishes to <0.5 nm.

Meller Custom Sapphire Optics are priced according to configuration, size, and quantity. Literature and quotations are available upon request.
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